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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Posted by Aaron Wang on Feb 16, 2013 8:04:10 AM

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? – The Four Phases of BI Maturity

With so much buzz about business intelligence (BI) and analytics, it may be difficult to figure out where your organization falls on the continuum of maturity in adopting this technology.

The release of Gartner’s 2013 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms provides a good reminder about the four phases of business intelligence maturity.


In this first phase, organizations use reports and dashboards to describe what has happened in particular business areas. Showing actual versus goal is a typical measurement model.


In this next phase, users move beyond the “what” of pure description to the diagnosis of “why” and “how”. The cause of problems uncovered in the Descriptive Phase can now determine.


Once the “why” and “how” are better understood, in the Predictive Stage they can be characterized variables that can be manipulated to predict the value in future period.


The final stage of maturity is when automated predictions can integrated into an prescriptive system that suggests action achieve corporate goals.

Understanding these phases and their progression will support planning for optimizing business intelligence deployment.

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