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Taking Data Analysis at Credit Unions to Another Level with Collaborative Analytics [Video]

Posted by Mark Portz on Sep 28, 2017 1:47:41 PM


In preparation for the upcoming CUNA Technology Council Conference, Austin Wentzlaff joins Mike Lawson of CUbroadcast to discuss credit union collaborative analytics, digital transformation, data standardization, application sharing, cybersecurity, CU 2.0, and the ownership/monetization of valuable credit union data

As Austin points out in the video, "We strongly believe that [analytics] is an industry challenge, and an industry opportunity. It's not one credit union that is going to take on all the analytics, all the predictive models, the machine learning. It's an industry initiative. That's why CUSOs exist."

The conversation continues to explain that platforms such as the iOS allows users to access and share pre-built applications - meaning an iPhone user does not have to build their own platforms and apps for things like calculators or messaging. Credit Unions have the opportunity to take advantage of this same type of collaboration, sharing models and reporting "applications" on a standardized platform in order to minimize the burden of reporting, and put the power of data analytics in the hands of the entire credit union industry. 

To watch the entire video, visit: 

Credit Union Data Analytics, Beginning the Journey: Read the Whitepaper

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