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Big Bang Disruption in the Credit Union Industry

Posted by Kim Carlstrom on May 11, 2015 12:31:00 PM

During the 2015 NACUSO Conference, Credit Union Industry Disruption and Predictive Analytics drew particular attention from those attending. It was quite clear that significant changes are coming to the credit union industry and those changes will happen quickly.  As John Best, Best Innovation Group ( ), stated during his presentation, there are several credit union industry disruptive trends on the horizon, which include Lending Clubs, mobile banking applications, and changes in payment technology.   

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Topics: Big data/analytics

Is Your Data Being All That It Can Be?

Posted by Kim Carlstrom on Sep 21, 2014 5:44:32 PM

A frequently asked question in the credit union movement is, “what is the data most credit unions have that they should be gathering, monitoring and reporting?”

In short, all of your data can be a critical component in gaining valuable insight into your members and optimizing business practices. The big question is . . . How accessible, comprehensive and useful is the data?

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Topics: Reporting and Analytics, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Credit Unions, Data warehouse, Data Integration, Decision Support

Amazon Established a Strong, Loyal Customer Base... Credit Unions can too with their Members

Posted by Kim Carlstrom on Sep 8, 2014 5:56:30 AM

According to the whitepaper “Amazon vs Borders: A Lesson for Credit Unions”, written by Founder and CEO of OnApproach, Paul Ablack, Amazon has thrived on fostering loyal and intimate relationships with its customers. These relationships are the cornerstone of Amazon’s success. With utilization of data analytics, Amazon has information readily available to pursue and enrich these relationships.

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Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Credit Unions, Data warehouse, Data Integration

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